Tai Hao ABS Keycaps (ISO-UK)

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Widely available with ANSI support these popular keycaps are available here in ISO-UK layout!

Four popular colour-schemes are available: Dolch, a classic mix of black and grey, Olivetti, another set inspired by retro boards, Beige Alert, a beige and white base with red legends and BoW for simple aesthetics.

These keycaps have double-shot legends which will never fade, these keycaps are a more affordable way to customise your keyboard!

These keysets support ISO-UK layout only, and therefore do not include ANSI keys, this is to allow the lowest price possible for ISO-UK users! Each keyset is packaged in a plastic box and includes a ring key-puller.

Please note the pictures show ANSI layout, all these keysets are ISO-UK layout!

There is no MOQ for any sets featured in this group-buy!

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